Monday, July 20, 2015

Bride at Last - A Review

Published - July 2015, Bethany House Publishers
Series - Unexpected Brides Book 3
Author - Melissa Jagears
Title - A Bride at Last
Format - ebook, paper
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Silas Jonesy's life hasn't gone the way he'd planned it. His mail-order bride left him after only a few months of marriage. Since then, he's fought an uphill battle to overcome addictions, and to actually become a productive member of the community. Then he receives a letter from his wife after ten years of silence. He's hopeful that she wants to reconcile and he sees the letter that his prayers have been answered. He doesn't expect to arrive in Missouri to find her dying and that she has a nine year old son. Could he be the boy's father? Kate Dawson has her own opinions regarding mail-order marriages. She was supposed to be a mail-order bride but never went through with the ceremony. Now she's a teacher.Over the past few years, she has grown to care for her student Anthony and his sick mother. She promises his mother to care for Anthony, and she intends to do that until a man shows up claiming to have been married to Lucinda ten years ago. Soon Kate and Silas must join forces to determine what is best for Anthony especially as another man claims to be the boy's father. With Silas doing all he can to prove his paternity, Kate only wants what is best for Anthony. Their tentative relationship is tested when Silas's past and Kate's fears come to light. Can they figure out their differences to be the family that all three desperately need?

This is the third book in the Unexpected Brides Series. Each one stands alone. While this one was not my favorite, I did enjoy it.

First I found that Silas had changed so much from the first book to this one. Seeing how he's changed and grown made him very believable. I loved how he struggled. I also loved how he was willing to do whatever he needed to for the sake of providing Anthony a safe place, even if he wasn't the boy's father.

I didn't really care for Kate. I didn't really like the way that she judged Silas on his past but didn't like having her own faults called out in question. I also didn't really care for how she just behaved in general. Don't get me wrong. I did come to like her, but it wasn't until much later in the book, like almost the end.

Still the book overall was a very good read. I enjoyed catching up with the characters from the other books as well.

I received this book from the author for the purpose of reviewing and promoting. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of mail-order brides, historical romance, Mary Connealy, Jody Hedlund, Karen Witemeyer

Rating - 4 stars

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