Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 22

Happy Saturday my friends. I am so excited at the moment and I've got to tell you why. Two things happened this week. The first is that I have a new team member on my Mary Kay team. This is a young lady who joined my team a few years ago, and then life happened. But she's wanting to try again and she and I have chatted for a while now. I'd sent her the email with the link to process her Mary Kay agreement. Then I forgot about it. I've learned over the years to not look at my scorecard and see what my team is not doing. Because then I'm depressed. I have learned to focus on my own results and not watch my production, etc. So when I got an email on Wednesday from Mary Kay congratulating me on my new team member, I literally squealed. I'm hoping that this time around, the girl will be successful.

The other thing totally and completely blew me away. You see a while back, I emailed the owner of one of the blogs that I follow asking about the blog because I'd not seen any updates in a while and I missed it. The owner was super sweet when she got back with me. She sent me an email yesterday asking me if I would be interested in writing the feature this time. I was thrilled of course. And I immediately said YES! So I'm going to be spending time this weekend working on the latest hero for the Fiction Hero Feature. While I don't know when it will be posted over there, I'm excited that I get to write the feature on the hero I thought would be a great one to feature. I've contacted the author too. And she's thrilled and is going to work on an excerpt of the book that's going to go well with what I write about her hero. I can't wait to introduce you to this particular character and see you swoon as much I did.

Unless I've already told you specifically, of the recent books I've read (and reviewed on my blog!), who do you think this particular hero is going to be? I'll give a hint...The book's review was posted on my blog between May 1 and July 10. Who will the mystery man be? Let me know in the comments AND I may just randomly pick a commenter (next Saturday) from this post to gift a copy of the book to.

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  1. I'm excited about your blog on Fiction Hero Features! I won't comment since I already know who it is. :)
    And I hope your friend sells lots!


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