Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 24

Happy Saturday my friends! We are in the midst of a hot summer, though it's hard to believe that July is almost over. I was at the grocery store the other day and saw the school supplies already out. Of course I managed to pick up some spiral notebooks for only $0.19 each.

Summer means a time of fun. Vacations, bbqs, swimming, and more. But it's also a time when extended families get together for family reunions. My mom and I are going to one today. It's my grandfather's side of the family. I don't think that we've been to one in a couple of years. So we are going. It'll be fun. I found out one of my uncles will be there and I've not seen him in about a year. I don't know what you do at your family reunions, but at mine there is always a dinner, door prizes, a raffle drawing (everyone contributes), sometimes games for the kids to play, and typically card games and other games. And of course visiting. It's the time to catch up with everyone that you've not seen in person in at least year. Facebook so does not count.

Here are some pictures from the last family reunion, which was in 2011 before Grandpa passed away in 2012, I was at for this side of the family.

My Grandpa (in the middle) with two of his brothers. 

Me and Grandpa. 

So tell me about your family. Do you have reunions and that crazy relative?

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  1. I haven't been to a family reunion for a very long time due to the fact that I live in a different state now. I grew up in Illinois but live on the Oregon Coast. But I do remember going to family reunions every summer growing up. We always went to one of the many parks in town, ate till you were over-full (we had some GREAT cooks in our family), and us kids played together on all the playground equipment while the adults talked and visited. There were usually some games going on, either card, board, or lawn games...and of course, I have a huge family so we had some crazy (but fun) relatives among us! I can remember with fondness some of the relatives who have gone on to be with the Lord, sure do miss them! I'd love to attend another reunion but with distance and cost it isn't a viable option right now. Maybe some year I can! Thanks for sharing your post today, it brought back many wonderful memories spent with family!


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