Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 21

Happy Saturday my friends. Today our nation celebrates its birthday. I don't really have anything planned to do today. I might watch a movie later. But I don't really have any patriotic ones. So we will see.

I remember one year when my family spent the 4th at Fort Hood. My grandparents lived in Killeen and my grandpa was retired Army. But the base really did a pretty good celebration. I mean there were tours of the tanks and things like that. If I remember correctly, the fireworks were pretty spectacular too. Other years we watched them in one of the suburbs of Houston.

How do you celebrate the 4th? What is your favorite memory of the 4th of July?

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  1. Happy 4th of July to you!! My husband and I don't have big plans to do anything today to celebrate.the holiday. We live in California and not near where any fireworks shows will be happening, so will be missing those.

    The weather is pretty hot here this summer, so we will skip the bar-be-cuing, attending a local parade and the fair. We may spend time at the pool in our complex in a little while and take a walk this evening once the weather has cooled off. Other wise reading or watching movies are on the agenda.


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